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The principles of what creates a person who is focused, energized and happy is the same for everyone. So we train people to help themselves through our weekend workshops; to help others with our professional Diploma in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and in the business world with our high impact, transformational workshops and one to one coaching.

Problems usually begin at an emotional level – way apart from our thinking logical mind. It’s why we often can’t talk ourselves out of getting anxious or angry in particular situations.

That’s the reason we integrate a combination of cognitive thinking style skills and mind/body change tools such as hypnosis and the emotional freedom technique (EFT) in our training and coaching.

Hypnosis is a natural brain wave pattern and is the foundation of how we learn and create both helpful and disruptive patterns of unconscious behavior. So it just makes sense to use what we have been given as this makes change seem easy.

Expertise and a wealth of experience – We have many years experience in developing people at all levels of business and training people to become professional hypnotherapists and psychotherapists;

  • All our trainers are experienced therapists with clinical backgrounds in mental health, psychology and psychotherapy
  • Experience of working with over 20,000 individuals in one to one therapy and coaching sessions
  • Backgrounds in high performance corporate roles


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