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Advanced Counselling Courses Brighton | Advanced counselling skills: Increase your confidence and effectiveness in client sessions

Have you ever struggled to set clear goals for therapy and felt overwhelmed by the catch 22 situation that your client describes themselves in?

We have all had those moments when we meet those ‘heart sink’ clients. No matter how much we build rapport, reframe and try to set goals, we meet with resistance, ‘yeah buts’ and double binds that seem set in concrete.

Those sessions can leave you tired and wondering what else you could do. But there are skills that you can add to your existing base that will increase your confidence and effectiveness in complex client cases.

Advanced counselling extra skills to ensure that you and your client consistently move towards beneficial change and you maintain your vitality and confidence.

  • The transformational art of paraphrasing. Use language to identify the emotion core of a problem, and process the mass of content and feelings so that clear goal setting becomes possible
  • The skill of advanced reflective listening to gain strong rapport and influence in client sessions, including awareness of para- language and congruence
  • Advanced mirroring and matching to open the clients unique route to change
  • To identify Emotional Flooding and know how to help the client discharge and rebalance so that clear thought can illicit beneficial change
  • Advanced rapport – how to spot useful information inferred and not spoken explicitly by the client
  • How to develop your own intuition and creativity in client sessions, and confidently use your insights to move your client towards their goal
  • How to develop your own “internal supervisor


  • Self Awareness – how sometimes our own blocks or unknown bias may create resistance
  • Get to know about client qualities you are “allergic” to and how this can be remedied
  • How to develop a rich and clear insight of how to move a client on instead of going around in circles and meeting resistance at every turn. Work with the side of the client that really wants to change
  • Prevent burn out! Walk your talk so that you can easily focus on the client’s needs
  • When to refer on to another health professional
  • How to set clear professional boundaries whilst maintaining rapport
  • How to work ethically – raising your standards in terms of integrity, impartiality and respect. Ensuring anti-discriminatory practice


Please call Karen on 01273 738663  to find out the next date for this workshop.

Cost £189.00


The course will be led by Sally-Ann Soulsby working with Jill Wootton. Some of you may have met Sally on the Uncommon Knowledge course (she was Sally-Ann Brown in those days) Sally has been a counsellor for twenty years, she is an insightful effective therapist and creative trainer.The training will combine short lecture input with fun experiential work in pairs and small groups. The emphasis will be on practicing and refining the new skills taught.

Sally-Ann and Jill’s biography

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that this course will benefit your client sessions and leave you feeling more confident and energized that we are offering a money back guarantee for 6 weeks after the course if you feel that your client session have not improved.

Within Sight are running several other advanced day courses this year

The courses will be for exsisting therapists wanting to increase their skills when working with clients in specific areas. The modules aim to give you greater understanding of the patterns and systems that you might encounter. And, equip you with skills to keep therapy moving with creative tried and tested interventions.

  • Conscious Medicine: An advanced module that will help you to be effective when working with clients who have cancer or other chronic potentially life threatening illness.
  • Guiding children to happiness: Gentle and fun skills to unlock the problem behaviours in children. Re-establish confidence and a relaxed outlook
  • Fertility and reproductive health:
  • Fertility problems are so often overcome with interventions that allow unconscious problematic patterns to be overcome. Build new skills to aid the mind body road to wellness.

If you would like to be kept informed of the courses and the dates let us know by filling in our Contact Form.

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