Courses in Psychotherapy | A Solution Focused Approach | One Day Course Brighton

Therapists coaches, teachers  and front line health workers, learn to use a solution focused approach with your clients, for fast and lasting shifts in beliefs attitudes and behaviour.

Brighton| £199.00 | 10.00am – 5:30pm

If you are involved in the business of helping someone to shift their behaviour or thinking. A solution focused approach is vital for shifting inner beliefs and habits that hold problems in place.

Our courses in psychotherapy are very practical.  After this solution focused therapy workshop you will be able to;

Courses In Psychotherapy

Courses In Psychotherapy

  • Ask questions that quickly shift a client’s negative orientation
  • See through the confusing detail so you can identify and address patterns that hold the problem thinking or behaviour in place
  • Discuss a preferred future and make clear mutually agreed goals
  • Manage client sessions so that you help the client develop a positive expectation
  • Relax your client’s emotional brain, help them gain access to their cognitive processes
  • Relp the client recognise the positive changes in between sessions
  • Reconnect the client with their unique experiences to bring a sense of resourcefulness and hope
  • Use scaling to clarify goals and positive emotional changes
  • Keep the therapy moving in the right direction

‘Jill, I can’t thank you enough for bringing Solution Focused therapy training into my professional life. Although I had spent years working as a Psychodynamic therapist, within weeks of practicing my new skills and awareness I saw clients literally transform before my eyes! All I can say is I wish I had done this training years ago and been able to help so many more people more quickly. I now enjoy my work more and find it less stressful and more satisfying. Thank you!’ SB Psychodynamic Therapist

What is solution focused brief therapy?

Solution focused brief therapy concentrates on a preferred future rather than the problem. It is goal orientated practical and recognises that the client has resources and strengths that will contribute to the solution. You are encouraged to talk about past experiences to construct a way forward, and highlight the client’s skills and resources.

Solution focused skills stop you getting bogged down with the mass of information that a client gives. Sifting through all the detail to find a solution, can feel like wading through treacle. Sessions can become overwhelming, upsetting for the client and it is easy to feel ‘stuck.’ If you have ever felt as if you are going around in circles with a client or feel drained after a client session, then solution focused therapy skills could be the answer.

Solution focused courses in  psychotherapy has basic understandings such as

  • The client possesses unique skills, resources and strengths that can help them overcome any difficulties
  • A detailed history is not essential. (In some cases retrospective analysis can make a client worse. Especially when a client is very anxious or depressed
  • Articulating the preferred changes is more important than understanding the problem
  • Setting clear achievable, mutually agreed goals is essential for the direction of therapy
  • Do more of what is working
  • Effective therapy is a collaborative process, the therapist is mindful of the client’s unique circumstances experience and character

You will learn how to

  • Use questions to initiate expectation of positive change
  • Set goals to create a clear mutually understood path for therapy
  • Look at patterns not detail: how to avoid getting sucked in to a client’s negative mind set
  • Uncover and utilize a clients innate resources and areas of competency
  • Teach missing skills to aid recovery
  • Use scaling to clarify goals and decrease emotional arousal

Develop skills to

  • Change limiting labels
  • Reframe unhelpful beliefs
  • Help your client gain clear perspective
  • Set tasks for continued change outside the therapy room
  • Keep therapeutic intervention moving towards the goals
  • Separate fact from imagination

Cost £199.00. Contact for course dates!

Please note: There is some pre work and post course work to do for this module in order to get a certificate. This equates to 10 hours of CPD.

Payment Options

 You will receive

  • A comprehensive set of course notes
  • A one hour follow up teleconference with the trainers to discuss aspects of your experience using solution focused therapy
  • visual aids for scaling with clients
  • coffee, tea etc through the day


Checkland Building, Brighton University. East Sussex.