Professional training in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy | Summary of our courses

Diploma Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy:

Commencing February 2019, and running over 10 ten weekends throughout 2019, our fully accredited professional hypnotherapy course provides you with the opportunity to change career or enhance your skills as an existing health professional. Learn hypnotherapy, NLP and  advanced counselling skills.

“I found the course life changing, exhilarating and totally enlightening, and now feel inspired to change my career and I’m looking forward to my career as a therapist.” Katie 2010

“So wish I had found out about your training before I did my hypnotherapy course.” Susan 2010

Become The Best Therapist You Know

  • 2019 date TBC– Brighton Harbour Hotel
  • Brighton | 10.00am to 5.00pm | £479
  • Advanced Practitioner Training

This brand NEW course will build on your existing skills and take you to the next level of your career! These 3 Days will ramp up your professional confidence and success using using hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and advanced counselling skills.

Learn Hypnosis to Help Yourself and Others

  • 21/22nd September 2019 – University of Brighton, Falmer.
  • Brighton | 10.00am to 5.00pm | £249.00

Hypnosis training which teaches you how to do hypnosis and use it on others and yourself. Great skills to use immediately – build greater emotional resilience in these challenging times, be more in control of your physical and emotional health, and gain tools to boost confidence and motivation.

one of the best short courses that I have ever encountered, great value for money….and I left knowing how to do hypnosis. High energy and very engaging.” Sara 2011

Continuous professional development:
Some of our diploma modules are open to the public. Would you benefit from building skills in any of the following? Solution focused therapy, how to banish PTSD and trauma, lift depression, energy medicine, weight loss, emotional intelligence and more.

Solution Focused Therapy

  • 24th February 2019, University of Brighton, Falmer

Solution focused brief therapy concentrates on a preferred future rather than the problem. It is goal orientated practical and recognises that the client has resources and strengths that will contribute to the solution. You are encouraged to talk about past experiences to construct a way forward, and highlight the client’s skills and resources

“Within Sight’s solution focused therapy weekend enabled me to talk to my coaching clients in a way that bought quicker results.”  Linda 2011

”I get through my case list quicker than my colleagues now.” John 2011

The Rewind Technique 

4th May 2019, University of Brighton, Falmer

Reputed to be the most effective psychotherapeutic tool in the West today. As Paul McKenna said – with the rewind available, no one should be walking around today with a debilitating phobia or PTSD.

A testimonial from a past student tells you what to expect to get from the course

The Rewind Technique is an elegantly simple but powerfully effective tool that every therapist should have at their disposal. It’s an indispensable part of my own practice. I’ve used it to treat all sorts of phobias, including severely entrenched phobias that have been with the client for decades, with consistent success. I’ve also used it to help people overcome such traumas as workplace bullying, miscarriage and relationship breakdown.

One of the things I love about the Rewind is that it’s totally focused on the client. The client’s safety, comfort and privacy are respected at all times. All too often, traumas are made worse by a misguided insistence on talking about them. In contrast, the Rewind provides permanent relief from traumatic memories without the therapist ever having to know what the original trauma might have been.

In my experience, the Rewind Technique is the best method we have for helping traumatised people to reclaim their lives.

Ian Sherred Hypnotherapist, Southampton

Energy therapy course | Conscious Medicine

  •  5/6th October  2019 , University of Brighton, Falmer

A new way of dealing with illness is emerging, one that recognises that our experiences are metabolised into biology. Learn new skills that powerfully influence your physical health by activating your rich innate, mind and body connection.

EFT Training:

  • June 2019 – date TBC

The Emotional Freedom Technique founded by Gary Craig has become a global phenomenon. This process has been described as ‘tapping without needles’ and works because it activates the same energy system that acupuncturists use.

This 3 day intensive course will teach you how to use this technique on your clients and on yourself and be able to see how it can be used to overcome a number of issues and heal many physical problems such as lifting trauma, curing phobias, calming worries and relieving pain in as little as one session.

Our expert trainers:

We have trained thousands of people in hypnosis and hundreds to become effective therapists. We will help you to develop practical skills and learn up to date, scientifically supported knowledge that will help you and others be the best you can be.