Life Coaching course

Are you ready to take your life to a new level and get the results you truly desire?

Life Coaching





· Are you stuck in a rut?

· Have you got a dream that you would love to achieve?

· Do you know the change you want to make but never seem to get round to it?

· Do you lack the confidence to live your dreams?

· Do you feel you just drifting along?

· Is work taking over your life?

· Has life changed and you’re wondering what to do next?

Whether you want to build a fulfilling career or business, cultivate a passion, enjoy fulfilling relationships, achieve financial abundance or take on any other goal in your life, our weekend life coaching workshop will show you the way.  Leading the journey our experts Jill and Sara will guide you through this engaging, insightful and penetrating weekend providing you many practical tools to quickly set your life on a new and exciting pathway. You will discover what you need to change in your life and how to make the change.

We teach people the skills and techniques to reach their fullest, greatest, happiest potential by;

Life Coaching

  • Building your confidence and strengthening positive self belief
  • Improving your relationships by learning to stay in your personal power
  • Help you get clear and able to focus on your life goals

What’s covered on the workshop?

  • How to find your life’s values and purpose
  • Learn where your limiting beliefs come from and how to change them
  • Learn about the link between emotions and behaviour
  • Learn how to change a bad day into a good day
  • Learn about neural mirroring and how to stop people from draining your energy
  • How to break the cycle of negative thinking through your inner self talk
  • Learn about where fear comes from, how it stops you from growing and how to break free from our comfort zone
  • Martin Seligmans thinking styles – how to change your thought process to gain new perspectives on situations and make better decisions
  • Learn techniques to keep calm under pressure and boost your resilience against stress

Course details

Venue Checkland Building, Falmer University, Brighton, East Sussex