Metaphor and Story in the Therapeutic Setting

Learn the ancient and powerful art of metaphor to elevate your effectiveness and confidence in any client interaction.

Dates TBC| £199.00 | 10.00am – 5.00pm
Why do this course?

Metaphor and story are powerful tools for any therapist. Strong emotion locks a person’s focus, black and white thinking is the foundation of many unwanted behaviours. Metaphor unlocks the gates to the unconscious mind and goes straight to where the problems are held to ring the changes in a natural way.


  1. It is a powerful way to improve client outcome and overcome stumbling blocks to emotional and physical health.


  1. Separates the person from the problem and helps to bring distance from the problem, calms the emotional brain and makes intervention easier.


  1. If you could just ‘tell’ a client to see the problem in a different way, our job would be done in seconds but that’s not how people work. Metaphor bypasses rigid views and allows for creative thinking, so solutions and more helpful viewpoints are uncovered.


  1. When you know how to use metaphor you have the capacity to step into your clients’ world and build advanced levels of rapport. This prevents resistance and allows the client to come to their own unique and meaningful solutions quickly – without being ‘told’.


  1. Your brain is a pattern-matching organ and your unconscious mind works with patterns rather than detail. You have the unconscious ability to understand patterns in metaphor and story and relate it to your personal experience.

“Throughout 20 years of working with clients, I don’t know any more powerful tool than my ability to work artfully with metaphor.”  

Jill Wootton



What you will gain from learning the most powerful reframing tool around today

The ability to:
  • break down black and white thinking holding a client’s problem in place
  • help the client feel you really understand where they’re at – reach people who are really stuck in the problem by speaking their language
  • encourage hope and optimism for a preferred future
  • build advanced rapport and bypass resistance
  • work with illness and disease to promote healing and recovery
  • build resources and creative solutions
  • allow the client to come to their own conclusions


You will feel:
  • empowered and more confident in client work
  • able to talk to your client in a way they will understand
  • you can talk so your client will really listen
  • more equipped to build resourceful states like confidence, optimism and courage
  • you have a new skill that enhances your professional and family/friends life too


And the client will feel:
  • that you understand their situation
  • empowered by the therapeutic conversation
  • more creative and resourced


From the work place to the family home metaphor can be used to

  • calm a distressed person
  • get your clients attention
  • bring hope and positive expectation
  • solve problems
  • overcome resistant behaviour
  • break habits
  • get over long standing worries or sadness
  • bring quick change
  • build advanced levels of rapport
  • reduce levels of pain
  • provide a safe and calm way to talk about highly emotionally charged feelings or events


How metaphor works in therapy

  • Fascinates people
  • Gains attention
  • A rich and imaginative route to emotions
  • Metaphor accesses the senses and builds an emotional connection that facilitates lasting change


This is a very practical day with many opportunities to practice and develop the skills taught.

Throughout the day you will learn and experience:

10am– 1pm

  • What is metaphor and how it will help your clients
  • How to use your language to step into your clients’ world
  • Learn how to recognise patterns relevant for your clients’ problems
  • How and when to use metaphor



  • The different types of metaphor with multiple examples
  • DVD of client session using metaphor
  • Parts therapy


You will receive:
  • A comprehensive set of course notes
  • Coffee, tea through the day
Who does this course?

Hypnotherapists, counselors, coaches, teachers and front line health workers, who want a proven psychotherapy for safe, fast and lasting shifts in beliefs attitudes and behaviour.

Please note: There is no pre work or post course work to do for this module. The course equates to 6.5 hours of CPD face to face training.

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Location: Checkland Building, Brighton University, East Sussex, BN1 9PH

Cost:  £199

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