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Counselling Courses Brighton

Emotions, you can’t escape them, particularly in the workplace.  Yet managing emotions can be a tricky business particularly in situations such as managing conflict, dealing with redundancies, tackling performance, dealing with stress or many of the other hundreds of scenarios faced by HR professionals, Occupational Health practitioners, and Managers.

With a combined background in Human Resources and Psychotherapy, we really understand the issues faced in today’s work place, and more importantly, just how to manage emotion and behavior of others.

Our 2 day counselling skills for non counsellors workshop provides people with the understanding, skills, tools and confidence to manage emotions, negative thought patterns and behaviour successfully.

What we cover;

  • The transformational art of paraphrasing. Use language to identify the emotion core of a problem, and process the mass of content and feelings in order to set clear goals and outcomes
  • The skill of reframing to create powerful subconscious change in thought patterns and beliefs
  • The skill of advanced reflective listening to gain strong rapport, influence the outcome and create awareness
  • Advanced mirroring and matching to develop rapport and trust
  • Advanced rapport – how to spot useful information inferred
  • How to develop your own intuition and creativity  when dealing with people
  • How to develop your own self awareness
  • How to ask solution focused questions that quickly shift a persons negative orientation
  • Use scaling to clarify goals and positive emotional changes
  • How to enable change with specific techniques including hypnotic language
  • Teach missing skills to up-skill an individual and connect them with their own inner resources

“A focus on (employee) wellbeing can ……add value to organisations by promoting better health and increasing motivation and engagement of employees, in turn helping to drive increases in productivity and profitability.  In other words, the benefits of health and wellbeing extend far beyond avoiding or reducing the costs of absence or poor performance.”

Dame Carol Black, “Working for a Healthier Tomorrow: Review of the Health of Britain’s Working Age Population 2008”.

To learn more about how our counselling skills for non counsellors can really benefit your organisation then give us a call today.

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