Become The Best Therapist You Know | 3 Day Course – Advanced Practitioner Training

Ramp up your professional confidence and success when you unlock the keys to transformational safe practice using hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and advanced counselling skills. 

A 3 Day Course Of Hypnotherapy And Psychotherapy – 

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This course will build on your existing skills and take you to the next level of your career.
Learn Skills That Give You A Deep Confidence In your Professional Competence.
Previously only available as part of a year long training course, this powerful framework is now available in a 3 day format for the first time.

Who is this course for?

  • Any therapist who
    •  is concerned they lack a flexible knowledge in hypnotherapy and counselling
    • is unsure how the mind works
    • gets sometimes overwhelmed with the mass of detail a client can bring
    •  wants safe ethical (pretty magical) counselling skills
    • has a clear understanding of what happens in the brain during anxiety trauma and depression
    • would love to expand their hypnosis skills
    • would benefit from a map of self-care so you don’t burn out
    • is interested in scientifically validated energy techniques to conquer your barriers to success. And, keep you in top form.
If you answered yes – you are in the right place!

What if there was a way to build your confidence so you feel like a top professional therapist? Imagine having a confidence built from competence in a wide skill base and a solid understanding of the mind and how problems are created?
What if you could learn from proven training how to conduct a client session from building awesome rapport to witnessing those new blueprints of emotion and behaviour being forged?

The secret to pursuing the path to becoming the best therapist is by learning these 4 pillars of super competence

    1. The building blocks of how to do Conversational Hypnosis so you can work with anyone without a script and not rely on one technique
    1. Understanding the Science Behind Our Psychology. Take the mystery out of the human experience and understand what happens in trauma, depression and anxiety. And, uncover what 8 things keeps a person at the top of their game, so you know how to keep yourself and your clients in that place
    1. You will learn the components parts that create the awesome psychotherapeutic approach – Solution Focused Therapy. – The leading choice of front line health professionals today. This elegant non voyeuristic approach builds advanced levels of rapport and enables you to help your client see their past, the world and themselves in a new more beneficial way. You will never be overwhelmed or stuck in what to say in a client session again.
  1. Learn how our vibrational universe influences you, understand your energy body and how your beliefs create your emotions, health and everything around you right now. Get to grips with scientifically proven techniques like EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique that will enable you to change any belief that is holding you back. And understand how you can use Energy Medicine to support your clients.

How much better would you feel when you can simply ask questions that rewire a brain to form beneficial blueprints?
What if you knew that you could take anyone in to trance without a script or using just one technique?

And for those stuck moments?

They will be history – consigned to your past.

Even when you are faced with a mass of overwhelming information from a stuck client; you will always keep the session moving forward in a positive direction. You will easily be able to identify and address patterns that hold the problem thinking or behaviour in place.

And, so called client resistance? Not in your sessions!

You will benefit on a personal level too because we know that unless you have the skills to look after yourself, your competency and intuition goes down the pan. Intuition is often ignored when looking at the skills therapists need – but it is vital in any session.

Imagine if you could change the blueprints and inner dialogue that stand in the way of your own confidence and success – AS WELL?

As a result of participating:

Here are 12 main things that make it THE BEST performance enhancing course a therapist can do. You will:

  1. Be able to build advanced levels of trust quickly with advanced reflective listening and rapport building
  2. Use conversational hypnosis and create unique sessions for each individual client
  3. Reconnect your client with peak performance states
  4. The 9 keys to well being of mind and body
  5. Have a 6 step structure to a client session
  6. Know how food can dramatically effect mood
  7. Ask questions that relax your clients emotional brain and give them access to their cognitive resources
  8. Steer conversation towards solutions
  9. Change limiting beliefs and the patterns that cause problems
  10. You will be able to increase your own intuitive ability and have a structure for your own self care.
  11. Develop your own internal supervisor
  12. And, have a model of energy psychology for you and your clients 

Jill Wootton is your trainer: Jill’s unique gifts 

Jill’s thirst for understanding the mind and our non physical energy systems made her walk away from a successful business career and embark on a remarkable journey. Jill worked with many eminent people in the mind body field and became an expert hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Using a fusion of traditional and energy psychology, Jill has now coached and trained thousands and thousands of people. She said ‘We live in extraordinary times. There has never been a greater need for highly competent therapists who are safe, ethical practitioners . I want to share the skills that helped me expand and create a career and life I love, I believe this to be my life’s work.’

When you know how to use Conversational Hypnosis, Solution Focused Therapy and Energy Medicine Techniques like the Emotional Freedom Technique, you have my successfully proven formula to:

  • Reconnect the client with their unique experiences to bring a sense of resourcefulness and hope
  • Relax your clients’ emotional brain and help them gain access to their cognitive processes
  • Uncover and utilize a clients innate resources and areas of competency
  • Help you structure your sessions
  • Overcome your own barriers to success
  • Look after yourself so that you show your best self every day !!!

Courses In Psychotherapy

Imagine how exciting and fulfilling life will be when you discover the skills to bring the confidence that so many others have found.
What makes this programme different is that NEVER before has brief therapy, conversational hypnosis and energy medicine been brought together.
And why have we done this for you? Because it works!

Jill says:

“After thousands of client sessions, I have no doubt that this rare combination is transformational for both the therapist and client. I have never lost the sense of awe and reverence when I witness a person reconnecting with who they really are and find the resources they have been separated from. The skills I teach form an alchemy to enable you to speak their language, build trust and discover a freedom from past hurts and beliefs. Hand on heart I would recommend it for any person who is involved in changing peoples lives.”

What you get:

  • 3 days of classroom training with Jill
  • lots of chance to practice and embed your new skills
  • supervision and support by expert uber friendly practitioners
  • detailed workshop manual and guidance on all exercises
  • coffee and tea throughout – usually with yummy nourishing snacks
  • lots of kindness fun and skill sharing from our team whose mission it is to help you have a totally amazing time

After finishing:
You will have more skills than we can list here but we understand that it is important that you are able to take your new skills and understanding to your sessions. So, to make sure you have the best chance of practising everything you learn we have a bonus for you –

  • for 2 months following the course you will be enrolled to a private Facebook group so that you can ask questions – Jill and the brilliant team will get on board every day.
  • and you will be given access to 3 follow up webinars so you can have live questions and answers from Jill


Our fabulous Customer Care Manager will look after you before, during and after the course.

We are lucky to have THE totally awesome Customer Support from our lovely Karen Reynolds, so any questions about the course or the practical elements of it – give her a call on 01273 738663. And if you want to speak to Jill in person she will arrange that too.
Remember the team want you to have the best time and come away with life changing skills so talk to us and no question is too small.


‘Jill, I can’t thank you enough for bringing Solution Focused therapy training into my professional life. Although I had spent years working as a Psychodynamic therapist, within weeks of practicing my new skills and awareness I saw clients literally transform before my eyes! All I can say is I wish I had done this training years ago and been able to help so many more people more quickly. I now enjoy my work more and find it less stressful and more satisfying. Thank you!’ SB Psychodynamic Therapist
“Well where do I start! I can honestly say that you are one of the best trainers I have come across in my working /learning life. Your way of teaching is clear, thorough and with plenty of humour which is so important. For me personally I found that you teach from the heart as well as the head and that is such a wonderful gift.” Gayle
“Jill, you are a brilliant trainer and I would like to thank you again for the thought-provoking learning experience. The passion, experience and intelligence you bring to your thoroughly enjoyable training, alongside your personable approach make you one of the best trainers and therapists in the country. I am sure that many others like I have done, will benefit from the exceptional skills and the extra mile that you put into your worthwhile work.” Shammi
 “My client list is growing by the day and I haven’t even got the website up and running yet. I am finding it so rewarding – I just love it. I still thank my lucky stars every day that I found your weekend – your courses have changed my life and continues to help me find me and uncover who I really am.”  H Morrish September 2016
“Learning is so easy when you are taught by someone as knowledgeable and passionate as you. We greatly valued your time and effort, your knowledge and passion, and your dedication and desire to help.” Gaynor

Cost: £479 per person for this 3 day course.

Email for next course date.

Venue: The Brighton Harbour Hotel, Brighton, BN1 1NA

Time: 9.30-4.30pm Saturday and 10-5pm Sunday – Monday.

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We also offer a payment plan – where you can pay over 3 months ( see options in drop down box below or contact Karen). 
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