Workshops for The Business Community

Workshops For The Business Community

Gone are the days of death by power point and taking people away from the core business on long training days. Our high impact workshops are between one and four hours long and have a high practical content. The workshops are designed to provoke immediate action leading to immediate results.

Our expert trainers in the field of human resources, training development and psychotherapy created and run the workshops which teach people the very leading edge knowledge and techniques need to sustain strong and healthy minds and bodies.

We specialise in building vitality, boosting energy, building resistance and improving overall well-being.  In short, putting the life blood back into organisations.

Our Human Resources professional and psychotherapist, Rebecca Welch, has worked in organisations for 20 years and has seen time and time again the costs and consequences of failing to manage stress, overload and psychological ill health.  She says:

“No organisation would tolerate its computers, machinery or vehicles working at a third of their capacity, or fail to maintain and service them.  This is exactly what’s happening when people are subjected to workloads or environments that take them beyond a level of pressure which is healthy for them.  Apart from the human cost, this just doesn’t make sense in an economic environment in which people may be the only means businesses have of gaining a competitive edge.”

According to Engage for Success, improved engagement across the UK could add as much as 26 bn to our gross domestic product.  It has an impact on customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, employee turnover, profit, revenue growth, efficiency and health & safety.    A healthy and happy workforce is essential for employee engagement.

 Some of the benefits of our workshops include:

  • Empowering individuals to manage their own health and wellness
  • Commercial cost saving from reduced sickness absence
  • Giving employees the tools and techniques to thrive and not just survive
  • Managers better equipped to manage stress within their teams leading to high performing and resilient teams
  • Providing managers with greater emotional intelligence skills through understanding the impact of stress on the physical and mental mind and body
  • Long term improved performance within the business through the creation of a resilient and engaged workforce
  • Creating the link between health and fiscal business performance leading to a direct influence on commercial company goals
  • Improved employee engagement

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Individual Therapy

Stress Management for Managers

Building Resilience

Boosting Vitality

Enhancing Performance

Bespoke Solutions

One to One coaching



Using our skills as psychotherapists and hypnotherapists we are also able to provide the business community with an enhanced set of services such as;

  • One to one hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety about presentations, sales pitches or public speaking
  • One to one therapy for employees whe require any physical or emotional support for issues such as stress, depression, anxiety or similar
  • One to one support for employees returning to work after extended periods of absence
  • One to one support and professional coaching for managers and senior management

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