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How do you ensure your organisation is fit for the future?

David MacLeod,Co-Chair of the Engage for Success Movement, says work has gone “from arms and legs to heads and hearts”  and that employers must realise and act on this if they are to engage and get the best from their people.

Combining our teams background in business and psychology, we help organisations ensure the employment relationship between their people and the business adapts and thrives.


Happiness is the new productivity

We help secure a happy, engaged and resilient workforce

how to learn hypnosis

Prepare the brain for change – as humans we often struggle when change is thrust up on us.  We teach people to manage their emotions and fear of change leading to people becoming more engaged with change, feeling more comfortable taking on new roles and learning new skills.

Breed Emotional Intelligence – We teach people exactly how emotion and behaviour go hand in hand and how to manage their emotions to drive improved performance.

Understand the secret to effective motivation – As psychotherapists we know what drives people to behave and act in a certain way.  We teach people how to use the power of the mind to yield the right results.

Boost the health of the workforce – We put people in touch with their mind and bodies and empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their health.

Teach people how to be happy at work – As Harvard Business identified, what makes organisations successful is nothing to do with the product or service they offer, but how people feel when they are at work.  We give people the skills to change their thinking styles, effectively changing the way that they feel when they are at work.

Reduce rising absence levels – We know that engaged employees in the UK take an average of 2.69 sick days per year, the disengaged 6.19.  The CBI reports that sickness costs the UK economy £13.4 bn a year (Gallup, 2003). High on the priority list of most HR professionals is addressing the rise and cost of absence.  By teaching people in the work  place to be more resilient, we give people the information and skills to manage to manage their stress levels, cope better under pressure and improve their overall health.

Tackle workplace stress – As experts in stress management, we give people simple yet powerful tools that they can use on the spot to manage their stress levels, perform well under pressure and ensure they remain engaged.

Take the stress out of stress management – Stress Management doesn’t have to be the monster in the room.  We teach Managers how to spot and manage the signs of stress within their team.  Giving them the tools and techniques to tackle stress confidently while also keeping their own stress levels in check.

Leadership training – Many leadership courses focus on skills and knowledge but ignore the need to change the underlying beliefs and attitudes that prevent people from become true leaders.  Our leadership training is not for the faint hearted and takes people on a journey to build their belief that they can be a great leader while teaching them the skills and knowledge needed to manage their own emotions and those of the people around them.

“Through Jill and Sara, I wanted to help my team thrive at work.  My aim is for my team to improve their own understanding and give them tools and techniques to improve their personal resilience at work (and out). I am enthused by Within-Sight’s energy and awareness of the commercial world and the impact negative stress has in the workplace and attending the event has helped the team to recognise how they think changes the way they feel at work” Nikki Perry, HR Manager, Domestic and General domesticAndGeneralLogo

Why invest in Within Sight?

Our trainers’ expertise in how to utilise the mind to allow people to be at their best goes beyond the boundaries of traditional training companies.  Working every day at transforming the lives of people on a one to one basis, they combine a knowledge of business and psychology that will transform your workforce.

A few words from our Brighton MP about the work Within Sight are doing….

how to learn hypnosis

how to learn hypnosis






Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, said:

“I was delighted to meet Sara and Jill from Within Sight Training to hear about the work they do with individuals and local business to tackle stress and depression in the city.  Demand for anti-depressants in Brighton and Hove has jumped by almost a third in just three years, so it’s clear that we need to explore other ways of dealing with the growing problems of stress and anxiety.  Organisations like Within Sight, which offers talking therapies as well as workshops for businesses to help reduce stress, have a vital role to play in helping to address the causes of depression, and in tackling the stigma that still surrounds mental health.  Since on average one in four people will experience depression in their lifetime, finding effective ways to prevent and treat it should be a priority.”