Performance Coaching for Hypnotherapists

Captivate your clients attention and never again have to wonder what to say next in a client session.

Hypnotherapists are required to use your voice to facilitate therapeutic change in your clients. All too often you can feel ill at ease when it comes to the ‘performance’ side of hypnotherapy, and become overly reliant on scripts and stock phrases during client sessions.

Those times of not being sure what to say next or how to move the client forward can block creative instincts; and make therapy feel like pushing a sack of sand uphill.

This workshop will assist you in getting the most out of your voice, and through practical examples, will help you to trust in your unconscious mind as a source of wisdom and creativity, leaving you free to relax and enjoy sessions with your clients.

After this morning workshop you will

  • Feel more confident about improvising in a therapeutic setting
  • naturally captivate your clients attention and take them into deep hypnosis
  • Trust the unconscious mind to ‘deliver the goods’
  • Be able to relax in client sessions
  • Have learned simple exercises for warming up the voice
  • Understand the importance of tapping into the source of creativity
  • The workshop involves a balance of insightful jargon-free lectures along with practical and fun theatre games and exercises, which will help to shake off any performance anxiety and equip you with a set of ‘warm-up’ tools to explore your vocal abilities and tap into the creativity of the unconscious.

Come prepared to participate and enjoy in a fun safe and relaxed environment.

Please contact Karen on for the next course date.

Cost £49.00 Payment in full needed to secure your place

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This fun workshop is run by Sam Cotton a hypnotherapist and actor.

Sam Cotton

Sam trained as an actor, singer and dancer at the Arts Educational Schools, London. After graduating in 1997, he worked professionally in live theatre and television and spent a year touring Europe in a musical, another year as a lead singer aboard a Caribbean cruise ship and frequently appeared at The Players Theatre in the West End. Sam also worked for four years behind the television cameras, moving from one reality or lifestyle show to the next, and spent a year as a Researcher for popular illusionist, Derren Brown, working on his series, “Trick of the Mind II” and a one-off special “The Messiah” for Channel 4.

It was after going through a big life-change of his own, that Sam came to study Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy with Jill Wootton and the Uncommon Knowledge team, and found the understanding of human behaviour he gained invaluable.

Sam currently lives in Brighton and, among other things, performs improvised comedy and presents talks and workshops on addictions and teaches performance skills for therapists.