Building Resilience Course | Building Resilience and Wellbeing for Peak Performance


The 21st Century continues to evolve and while many of us may welcome new developments in technology, access to the world we live in, the ability to purchase items at the click of a button, our brains haven’t evolved quite at the same rate. Stress is now the biggest health factor of today’s modern world and managing it is the difference between a strong healthy workforce and one that is simply surviving.

Fascinating new research from the University of Manchester & Leeds shows us the cost of ignoring this.  According to Professor Ivan Robertson, there is a 40 – 60% elevated risk of heart disease in people with poor psychological wellbeing, and a 10 – 60% elevated risk for obesity and diabetes.  Burnout doubles the risk of diabetes.

Positive psychological wellbeing is linked to lower mortality rates, healthy behaviour, better cardiovascular health, a healthier immune system and a lowered diabetes risk. It is simply too important to ignore.


In our highly practical workshop on ‘Building resilience and well-being for peak performance‘ we provide people with powerful and effective techniques which build resilience, empowering people to manage their own well-being. This core workshop covers everything from understanding what stress actually is, how to spot the signs of stress and how to manage and prevent it in the long term.

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Chamber of commerce



‘I attended Sara and Jill’s building resilience course and found them to be extremely knowledgeable trainers and it was a packed and interactive session. They used a real range of techniques and case studies which made for an interesting event, and the whole group came away feeling extremely energised!’  Amanda, Chamber of Commerce


By the end of this 2 hour workshop individuals will understand;

  • What stress is
  • The long term emotional and physical effects of stress
  • How stress manifests in the mind and body affecting our health
  • How to spot and manage the signs of stress
  • How to change your thinking style in order to gain change perspective
  • 3 Specific techniques to break the stress response which can be used anywhere
  • How to build develop their own building resilience plan

Course duration:  2 hours

Course capacity: 15 people

Location:  All our courses are delivered either in house through the UK, Europe and Internationally or off site at a venue local to the organisation.

Tailor make this course:  The content of this workshop can be adapted to meet the specific needs of an organisation

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