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As our resident HR professional and Psychotherapist understands, stress, even low levels of it, creates a barrier to performance making the job of a manager even more challenging.  Along side their own role, managers have the job of directing people, driving performance, having challenging conversations and keeping everyone motivated and engaged.

More often than not managers are having to take on the role of Occupational Health Advisors and as highlighted in a recent article in the Guardian on work place stress, are a key link to employee well-being.  This is only the latest in a growing field of research.  In 2007-8 a Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study revealed that:

  • only 29% of UK employees believed that their senior managers were sincerely interested in their wellbeing
  • only 31% thought their senior managers communicated openly and honestly
  • Only 3% thought their senior managers treated them as a key member of the organisation.

Despite this, they found that the top driver of engagement was senior management demonstrating a sincere interest in employee engagement.

Many managers may have already attended training courses on coaching, team work, appraisals or leadership but unless they know how to spot the signs of stress in their team and how to tackle it, their efforts to manage the team will be wasted as stress shuts people down.


In our stress management training we equip managers with the ability to identify the signs of stress within their teams and give them the confidence to tackle it by teaching them how stress can impact their teams; what is happening on an individual levels when it strikes; how to use solution focused questions to shift perception which causes stress and how to build their own resilience as a manger to stress.

Training Style

Our training style is unique as we weave hypnotic language into our training which accesses the unconscious minds  far more readily than other training delivery styles, making the capacity for the material to be absorbed far greater.  It also create unconscious shifts in the mind of managers, leaving them feeling far more confident to put into practice the knowledge they have learnt.

By the end of the ‘Taking the stress out of stress management’ training managers will understand;

  • What causes stress
  • How stress manifests itself in the physical body
  • How stress affects performance at work
  • How to manage stress during times of change
  • Recognising the signs a team member is stressed
  • What to do if your employee says ‘I’m stressed!”
  • How to use Solution Focused Questioning to manage conversations about absence and performance
  • How to minimise the impact of stress with preventative action
  • How to build personal resilience against stress as a Manager

Course duration:  1 day

Course capacity: 12 people

Location:  All our courses are delivered either in house through the UK, Europe and Internationally or off site at a venue local to the organisation

Tailor make this course: The content of this workshop can be adapted to meet the specific needs of an organisation

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