Psychotherapy courses | Advanced training for EFT and Matrix professionals

Transform your skills as an EFT therapist!

Advance your confidence with clients and learn the building blocks to effective therapy

Newly qualified and experienced EFT practitioners alike have told us that they sometimes feel unsure or under-prepared to manage complex clients and their issues.

Like those therapists, you may feel bogged down with the mass of information a client gives you. Sessions can become overwhelming, and it is easy to feel ‘stuck.’ You may feel you are going around in circles with a client or feel drained after a client session.

So if you have a desire to extend your skills and transform your client sessions then this course will be for you!

Jill is a Solution Focused Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, as well as being trained by Karl Dawson in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.  She runs Professional Diploma in Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and also train people in business on how to manage emotions working with a number of high profile brands.  She provides this psychotherapy course which has been tailor-made for EFT professionals to enhance their skills as therapists.
This course will fill gaps in your skill or knowledge base that may be reducing your confidence and success with client sessions, teaching you the essential skills of effective therapy. This includes advanced listening skills, professional boundaries and ethics and working with challenging clients in a confident and solution-focused way.

On our psychotherapy courses you will learn;

  • advanced listening skills – to identify the emotional core of a problem, and process the mass of content and feelings so that clear goal setting becomes possible
  • unique rapport building skills to gain positive influence in client sessions
  • the core conditions of effective therapy so your client trusts you
  • a helpful structure to use for all client sessions

Ask solution focused questions, so you can;

  • see through the confusing detail, identify and address patterns that hold the problem thinking or behaviour in place
  • discuss a preferred future and make clear mutually agreed goals
  • manage client sessions so that you help the client develop a positive expectation
  • relax your client’s emotional brain, help them gain access to their cognitive processes
  • help the client recognise the positive changes in between sessions
  • reconnect the client with their unique experiences to bring a sense of resourcefulness and hope

Solution focused therapy also helps you to;

  • set goals to create a clear mutually understood path for therapy
  • look at patterns not detail: how to avoid getting sucked in to a client’s negative mind set
  • uncover and utilize a clients innate resources and areas of competency
  • teach missing skills to aid recovery
  • use scaling to clarify goals and decrease emotional arousal

Develop an enhanced level of self-awareness that will ensure you keep yourself and your clients safe;

  • clear the blocks to successful practice
  • help you keep professional client records
  • and develop a professional ethical practice – raise your standards in terms of integrity, impartiality and respect. Ensure anti-discriminatory practice
  • avoid conflicts of interest
  • prevent burn out! Walk your talk so that you can easily focus on the client’s needs

You will get

  • comprehensive course notes
  • scrummy refreshments in the breaks (lunch not provided)

The course has a high practical content so that you can be sure of being able to quickly and flexibly apply your new skills.

Contact us at and we can arrange to go through any questions you have.

Date: TBC

Venue: Brighton, East Sussex