Training in Hypnosis | Norway

Jill delivers training to many diverse groups of people in business and academic settings. Most recently she has worked with the Hypnose Akaemet in Norway. Initially teaching advanced hypnosis she was then asked to develop a three day course on advanced psychotherapeutic techniques. The new course included how to lift anxiety and depression and how emotional intelligence can be used to improve a therapist’s effectiveness.
Students completing this recent module on Emotional Intelligence reported how they used the skills for improving their own creativity and effectiveness in a client session. And how it gave them lots of problem solving practical tools to pass on to their clients too.
Jill also taught the ‘Rewind Technique.’ Probably the most effective therapeutic technique for lifting any level of phobia or trauma. Take a look at some of the testimonials:-

“Hi Jill!, so nice to have you on board here. Looking forward to having you over teaching again during spring. You always get so good score on the feedback forms. One of our top class trainers :-)”- Ronny Hansen Director Hypnoseakademiet
Thank you for a wonderful weekend in Oslo.I was just blown away by all your knowledge and your way of presenting and sharing it with us. You’re not only highly qualified and skillful, but you’re really funny too. What a combination! To me this has been the best course that I’ve taken at Hypnoseakademiet.- Ellen Bjerknes Slinning
Thank you for one great course in Effective Psykotherapy, you are a fantastic teacher. You have given us a fantastic tool in The Rewind Technique and everything else we got from you. Thank you again and hope to see you again soon
- Carine Berulfsen
It’s a pleasure having you here, Jill. Both because of what you teach us, and also for the lovely person you are. We’re already looking forward to having you here again 8th-10th October for Advanced Hypnotherapy. Take care
- Medicore
Thanks for a fantastic weekend Jill, hope we meet again, the Rewind Technique is really fantastic….- Tone Ylva Henriksen

Links to the clinics in Norway, and the training can be found below.