Bursting with good feelings after feedback from students on the hypnotherapy diploma

OK so I am not one to shout how wonderful we are at Within Sight but I am sort of bursting with lovely feelings as I have just finished the mid term 360 degree feedback chats we do – let me explain.

Half way through the course, which is about now – we collate the feedback from the two client sessions the student has done and all the other points of assessed work. We chat to their mentor and the student and formulate feedback that helps them to have a really clear picture of what they have done well and where they now need to concentrate their attention for the next stage of the course. Its 360 as we also ask for feedback about us.

And I have just listened to the most encouraging and uplifting things about the course and the team. Things like – ‘I did not know i would be this well supported.’ ” you and the team really know your stuff and teach in a way that makes the information easy to remember.’ ‘So glad I choose this course as as the level you guys are teaching is preparing so well for doing this as a career.’

So my chest is pushed out as far as it can be right now:)

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)