New Conscious Medicine Workshop

Over the past twenty years we have seen a huge shift in our understanding of what can cause illness. This new way of dealing with disease is one that recognises that our experiences are metabolised into biology. Throughout our life our external environment and our inner experiences are reflected in our health.

So what is conscious medicine?
Conscious medicine is a term that has been used more and more over the last few years. From a conscious medicine perspective your mind and body is one vast integrated network of intelligence that responds to your environment, thoughts and beliefs.

New scientific discoveries have shown the belief that our DNA and our cellular activity is fixed and responds to rigid programming is wrong. In fact quite the opposite happens, as your cells are continually reacting to stimuli from your physical and energetic environment. Even your DNA does not wholly determine if you get a disease or not, as the cells in your DNA can activate DNA programming – or not.

Our thoughts and unconscious beliefs affect our physical experience
The growing body of scientific evidence that demonstrates how your mind and body are inextricably linked; has uncovered the mechanisms by which your body receives and processes information. This information highlights what Eastern philosophy has believed for thousands of years. That we cannot separate our mind and body, as our emotions and beliefs are the driving force behind the chemicals that create our physical experience.

Although your body will constantly strive to be balanced and healthy, trauma, anxiety, anger or a sense of isolation can change your chemical make up and negatively impact on your physical well-being. However the good news is that when we make choices and changes that bring happiness your body’s natural healing mechanisms and chemicals flood into action.

Disease doesn’t often happen in an instance

Diseases such as cancer can take years to manifest. Cells can start to act strangely and mutate decades before they would start to present as illness. Ingrained patterns of unhelpful beliefs can churn on until the effects start to become obvious. A busy life can mean that you pay little attention to your overall health until a yellow card is held up to make you stop and address the problem.

Your body can change if you re train your thoughts
The reductionist view of ‘modern medicine’ where if you have a skin complaint you will see a skin specialist and so on, often bypasses your rich network of healing communication throughout the whole body. Just as this network can create an internal chemical soup that cause illness it can also be used to re create wellbeing.

By training your mind to hold healthy beliefs you can affect the trillions of cells that make up your body. Just as your in built mechanism for physical balance can go off course you can learn how to get it on track again. Our new workshop teaches skills that will help anyone who is looking for a route to maintain wellness or activate their healing responses. Check out what you will get if you join us.

Conscious Medicine workshop

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)