Conscious Medicine Workshop

Conscious Medicine Workshop – Do you want to know how to help yourself or others over emotional and physical blocks? Learn The Energy Medicine techniques that are changing the lives of millions.

Energy Medicine and natural healing course – New discoveries in science are proving that your body is intelligent, conscious and speaks to you through vitality and health or symptom and disease.

With that in mind what do these people have in common? 
Marjory was distraught, the pain in her face from a bout of shingles she had a year ago was excruciating. She winced with the shooting pains the after effects of the illness bought. One hour later the pain had subsided and within two days had gone completely.
Martin an ex paratrooper had debilitating bouts of anxiety and sadness following an accident twenty years ago. The overpowering emotions would sweep on Martin without warning ‘like a black cloud.’ This normally brave active and fun man would regularly be imprisoned at home by a sense of hopelessness but after fifteen years, this torture lifted a month ago not to return.
Wendy always had a feeling of isolation and even though she loved her husband and children, Wendy had been depressed and exhausted since the symptoms started fourteen years ago. This lovely lady now has a great vigour for life and feels deeply connected to her family and to who she really is.
Tom was angry and felt burdened with responsibility. Feeling disconnected from his work and family he now has turned a corner and is ‘enjoying all that life has to offer.’
Mary was overweight and had dieted for many of her fifty years. She described the feeling of needing to eat as a power that stamped out all logic and willpower. Mary is now eating when she feels hungry and is steadily loosing weight.

What do these people have in common? They all used techniques from the field of Conscious Medicine to overcome ingrained patterns of emotion that caused unwanted feelings and behaviour.

Unresolved emotion is often the keystone of later physical illness and overwhelming negative feelings. Often someone who presents with physical symptoms or disease will have no idea that unconscious thought patterns might be the cause of a body struggling to heal itself. This imbalance can happen to anyone and is not a sign of weakness but just the way we are made. The great difference in this age is that you don’t have to go through years of talking therapy or get to know the original cause to create change. New techniques can shift trauma, bitterness, jealously or hopelessness in just an hour. Once there is a shift in thinking there can be a radical change in the way messages are relayed to the body causing profound healing.
‘Your body listens to everything you say! So much of your life’s experience is coloured by your experiences in your early years. On the surface those experiences often don’t amount to much but as a little one you perceived life in a more simple way. So someone not letting you on a swing when it was your turn, may have caused a sense of disempowerment that gets replayed later in life as a sense of pessimism about good things never coming your way. Or if a child only gets shown love and affection when they get a good report at school they may develop an unhealthy drive to be the best at everything they do.
Unconscious drivers create low mood negative expectations, reactions, and illness, as well as happiness and vitality Emotion whether we are conscious of it or not is the driving force of how we feel and behave. Sometimes we have got so used to feeling a certain way that we don’t question our low mood, we just get trapped within the spiral of thoughts it creates. You can feel the effects of these old patterns without any warning as they are stored at an unconscious level.
New techniques swiftly change these old patterns Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) and other simple techniques, shift old patterns quickly and as this changes your internal chemistry you feel the benefit immediately.

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Jill Wootton (47 Posts)