Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy FAQ’s

FAQ: Professional Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Over the years we have spoken to hundreds of prospective students. We have compiled a list of the questions that were often asked, hoping this will help you make the right decision; but please don’t let that be a substitute for giving us a call.

We are always happy to spend time giving the information that that will help you make an informed choice. It will also be a chance for you to get to know us a little too, it is important that you like how we are.

So read on, call 01273 738663 or email info@within-sight.com

Can I work as a hypnotherapist after I qualify?

Yes! The course is accredited by GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) and the Hypnotherapy Association. On successful completion, students of the Diploma will be eligible to apply for insurance and membership of both professional awarding bodies.

Why would I choose to do this course above others?

We try not to be biased but we are passionate about our course. We think we offer the best training(and best value) in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy available in the UK today. These are some of the reasons why:-

  • You will be taught by trainers who have had many years of experience in helping people of all backgrounds to learn and get the best possible outcomes from a course.
  • Some courses spend lots of time teaching theories, some of which date back to the 19th century, without giving their students a confident sense of being cutting edge therapists. Our Diploma course content is based on leading edge scientifically validated principles. Our students will be confident therapists who will be equipped to skillfully deal with a host of problems from depression to phobia’s, from weight loss to sports performance.
  • You can start work as a therapist immediately after qualifying. You will be confident on your skills and able to treat a wide variety of problems, but will also know when you might need to involve another professional practitioner to ensure optimum outcome for the client.
  • You will be part of a fun to be in learning environment, no stuffy jargon filled lectures, just motivational informative lectures and practice session delivered in a creative and memorable way.
  • You will have a 1:7 ratio of supervisors to students, so that there is always an experienced supervisor to hand over the weekends. They will help you with your practice, answer questions, give feedback and support your learning where ever they can.
  • All of the Within Sight team have been picked not just for their skills but because they are ultra friendly and approachable. So you will feel comfortable asking for advice or to have someone go over a particular skill and its application.
  • The Diploma is based on the tell show do method of training and so covers all learning styles. Combined with consistent exposure to the basic principles will help you learn what ever your learning style.
  • The knowledge and skills on the course are ‘the nearest thing to a manual on how to be a happy human being’ as someone recently said to us! So although you will be able to help others, this knowledge can enable you to make changes in your own life and have a greater degree of control over your overall sense of well being.
  • You can qualify and be professionally recognized as a hypnotherapist in just one year.
  • The course is validated by the main professional industry awarding bodies.

How much work is involved?

Apart from the ten weekends at Brighton University, there are monthly assignments. We also recommend that you practice the skills learnt. In most cases it is the students that put the ideas and skills into regular practice that excel. If you bank on putting in about four hours a week, that should cover the reading, the assignments and practice. We also find that people get to know each well on courses like this, and enjoy getting together to help each other in between Diploma weekends. If you live far away from any other person on the course, you have your mentors to chat to and of course we can arrange teleconferencing facilities with any group that wants to work together.

I have been away from any form of education for years and am worried about my ability to keep up with the work?

We hear this one a lot! Mainly from Mums whose attention has been on their growing families. This is essentially a practical course, there are books to read, notes to take, lectures to listen to. But fifty percent of the overall marks will be on the observed practical sessions. We have had lots of Mum’s and people who have been out of education for years, and are happy for you to talk to one of them if you feel it would be reassuring. Call us and we will pass on one of their numbers. We teach the ‘tell, show, do’ method so that all learning styles are covered. We also teach through hebbian learning, that is consistent exposure to the basic principles and techniques. So we go over and revisit the important ideas and skills in many different ways. Remember you will be assessed on your ability to translate the skills to people, not on how academically bright you are!

What happens at the weekends?

The weekends are a mix of lectures, demonstrations, client sessions and you practising your new skills. About fifty percent of the course is dedicated to practical application. So a typical weekend would be us all having a good natter over a cup of tea then the first lecture would start at 10.00 am, followed by practical session after coffee break. Lunch, then the same in the afternoon. A full day is allocated for each of the client sessions assessments. During this time you will work with three other colleagues and a supervisor. Student’s have reported that during these days they learn so much and really enjoy sharing the ideas and skills.

What support do I get on the course?

  • Each student is allocated an experienced mentor. In between Diploma weekends you have email access and a mutually agreed time to chat. Sometimes the student will have lots of questions and at other times the mentor will go through ideas that consolidate or expand the student’s skill base.
  • At the weekends we have a one to seven ratio of students to supervisors, so there is always an experienced hand to answer questions and give feedback.
  • The course notes and manual provide a solid foundation of knowledge for you to build on.
  • The staff at Within-sight are always around during office hours to answer any admin queries, we have a policy of aiming to answer all emails with twenty four hours. And solve any admin issues within the same time frame.

What happens if I miss a weekend?

You will be sent all of the course notes and be asked to write about 750 words (about two sides of A4 on a computer) on each of the main topics covered. Your mentor will also help you with any area that you need support on. If you miss a client session. You will need to do an extra one on the next client weekend. If you miss the last one, then you will be required to do one before your end of year results can be assessed.

I have some learning difficulties, can I still do the course?

It is best to call the office and chat through the nature of the support that you might need. On the Uncommon Knowledge course, every year we had someone who was dyslexic, we also had students with sight impairment, and students whose mother tongue was not English. All of these students were allocated extra mentoring time, offered verbal examinations instead of written and supported in a variety of creative ways. It is always best to let us know in advance of the course rather than finding difficulties as you go along. Much better to chat with us and then we can make a plan so that solutions replace problems and you enjoy the course to the full.

I have access difficulties

Mayfield house at Brighton University is a new purpose built faculty building and has disabled access. Let us know what your requirements are and we can check that we can meet them.

I don’t live near Brighton, can you recommend any places to stay over?

Contact the Brighton tourist board through this website http://www.visitbrighton.com also the University offers accommodation, call the conference department on 01273 643167.

What happens if I decide not to continue the Diploma or want to defer to another year?

If you have paid by direct debit you simply need to write to your bank and stop the payments. If you have paid in full, Within Sight will simply refund the proportionate amount of monies (excluding deposit) according to how much of the course has been attended.