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Diploma in Psychotherapy

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On Our Diploma in Psychotherapy course you will learn;

  • advanced listening skills – to identify the emotional core of a problem, and process the mass of content and feelings so that clear goal setting becomes possible
  • unique rapport building skills to gain positive influence in client sessions
  • the core conditions of effective therapy so your client trusts you
  • a helpful structure to use for all client sessions


Ask solution focused questions, so you can;

  • see through the confusing detail, identify and address patterns that hold the problem thinking or behaviour in place
  • discuss a preferred future and make clear mutually agreed goals
  • manage client sessions so that you help the client develop a positive expectation
  • relax your client’s emotional brain, help them gain access to their cognitive processes
  • help the client recognise the positive changes in between sessions
  • reconnect the client with their unique experiences to bring a sense of resourcefulness and hope