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The leading edge, most comprehensive hypnotherapy and psychotherapy course in the UK today.

Next course starts February 2018!

Do you feel there is something else you should be doing? That you are coming to a new phase of your life? Training to become a therapist could be your next step.

Become a powerful agent of change with our Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Diploma
You could be one year away from setting up your own business. And a life changing set of skills that enable you to get the best out of yourself and other people; whatever business or social situation you are in.

Comprehensive Training enables you to practice effective safe and ethical therapy.
Our one-year part time Hypnosis Course combines Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, Solution Focused Therapy, Advanced Counseling skills, and leading edge proven energy techniques like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Confidently treat a broad range of problems
You will develop the confidence and skill to help people with a whole range of problems. From anxiety and depression to addictions, weight and fertility issues you will be able to help your clients thrive.


“My client list is growing by the day and I haven’t even got the website up and running yet. I am finding it so rewarding – I just love it. I still thank my lucky stars every day that I found your weekend on Living Social – it has changed my life and continues to help me find me and uncover who I really am.”

Hannah Morrish, September 2015.

“My experience with Within Sight has been absolutely brilliant.  It has been a journey that has been amazing, life changing and positive and I feel as if I have blossomed and grown beyond all recognition.  Not only have I noticed the differences but those around me have also noticed and benefited from the changes within.  I feel like I have found my purpose in life!  I can help others in the same way that I have been helped.  I now have the innate understanding, skills and knowledge to help, not only myself but others with so many different issues.  My intention is to practice as a therapist and teach people the tools and skills they need to move forward in their lives.” S Bowley 2015

Within Sight Training is an intensive and comprehensive training system that embraces all aspects of Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Pyschotherapy. Skillfully crafted to embrace the many areas a future therapist will encounter and led by highly experienced professionals.’

Captain Jeff Cowan, Portsmouth 2011

‘What a fantastic weekend, I am still processing everything. I can’t believe the changes in me since I started this journey, it has totally reframed the way I look at situations in my past and is giving me the tools to move forward in a positive and enthusiastic way. I can’t thank you enough Jill – it is life changing.’

Tina, Worthing 2015.

‘WOOW another great weekend, I loved it so much. Your way of teaching is second to none. I am shocked at how much I actually take in and remember. You make learning easy, interesting and so much fun.’

 Kirsty Hurrell, Norwich 2011

‘I wish I had found your course before the hypnosis course I did’

Linda East Sussex 2012 – after attending an advanced CPD course with us


Relax if you have been out of education for a while
You will be part of a well-supported traditionally close-knit group. It has always been the case that the people on the course support each other on their learning journey.

Not only will you have the principle teachers to call on but will also have a mentor – past students describe them as ‘gold dust’ as their wisdom and experience brings to life what you learn on the weekends.

We pride ourselves in really looking after our students and bending over backwards to make sure you meet your goals and your time with us is inspiring and deeply fulfilling.


The next Professional Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy starts February 2018 and finishes December 2018


Our holistic, yet science based teachings are centered on four main principles

  • The hypnotic state is an innate part of human psychology. Understanding how hypnosis and the REM state affects our emotions and physical state, takes the mystery out of why humans go off track and  gives us the key to getting them back.
  • We come to this world with a set of physical and emotional needs, which if met, help us to flourish and if not, can cause mental and physical illness. This holistic approach helps people get better and stay well.
  • Solution focused or brief therapy is highly effective in achieving positive change in a wide variety of emotional and physical health issues.
  • We teach what you need to know to be an effective safe therapist, capable of dealing with human suffering at many levels. We do not teach lots of historical theory and dated principles that can clutter the road to healing.

The Diploma Modules. For full information on each of the modules, download The Prospectus

  1. Effective counselling skills: From the first call to follow up sessions, understand safe, client led practice.
  2. Positive psychology: Solution Focused Therapy is proven to be highly effective in freeing up negative thinking patterns.
  3. The Power of Metaphor: To reframe problem situations
  4. Nutrition and health: Are inextricably linked, we are what we eat so learn what food helps to lift many problem conditions.
  5. Addictions and dependencies: Learn the key skills to free people from addictions.
  6. Lift Anxiety,Phobia and Trauma: Learn the Rewind Technique.
  7. Advanced hypnotic skills
  8. Anger management skills
  9. How to help people through relationship and sexual problems
  10. Lift depression
  11. Weight and compulsive eating
  12. Self esteem and confidence
  13. Peak performance
  14. An introduction to Energy Medicine
  15. Managing pain and dealing with physical illness
  16. OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  17. Understanding autism and Asperger’s syndrome
  18. The Emotional Intelligent Therapist’s Mindset
  19. Setting up in practice – help set up in practice and sustain a therapists well being.


Learn with a highly experienced, professional and friendly team  

We believe that all learning should be great fun. And although you have to put the effort in, we have a wealth of experience in getting the skills across in an easy to absorb and enjoyable way. The two course directors have over 40 years of experience in training people in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and have trained over 2.500 people. The rest of the team has been also selected for their expertise, sense of humour and friendly approach. All highly effective therapists and trainers, you won’t find any stuffy jargon-filled lectures; only lively presentations and unique practical’s that help embed your knowledge.



Jill & Nicola – the principle trainers but you will also get to know the mentors, supervisors and helpers, who will help make your journey with us life changing.


Listen to our course director Jill Wootton and one of our 2013 students explain why you need to learn a combination of hypnosis psychotherapy and counselling skills to be a sought after therapist, coach or indeed any powerful agent of change.


Build your knowledge gradually and confidently

Our training embraces all learning styles, students often tell us how easily they absorb information through the mix of lectures, innovative practical sessions and discussion. Backed up by a mentoring scheme and constant exposure to the basic principles, students steadily build their knowledge and are confident in applying their skills. (All mentors are experienced professionals and qualified practicing therapists; who have been through the Within Sight mentoring training)

Where is the course run?

The Checkland BuildingAll of our courses run from the University of Brighton, Falmer site BN1 9PH. The purpose built training centre ‘The Checkland’ building  is about an hour from London by car and easily accessed by train. There is on site accommodation and with Brighton just 10 minutes away by train or bus, you can choose from a wealth of places if you want to stay over.

Cost and Payment options – 

Course fees are £2999.

Monthly payment option: A deposit of £279.00 will secure your place and then ten monthly installments of £272.

Pay over a longer period: We also offer the opportunity to pay over a longer period if it suits you better. After the £279.00 deposit, if you want to pay over a longer period then have a chat to us to arrange something that enables you to do the course (Certificates will not be issued until final payment is received) Best action is to call us and talk the options through.

Paying the whole amount up front: Please call us to make arrangements.

The cost is all inclusive except for the introductory weekend which costs £199.00. All exams, mentoring support, course books, membership to Hypnosis Downloads and supporting materials are included. Delicious nutritious snacks are provided through the breaks.

Paypal Deposit
Deposit – £279.00


Who does the course

  • Mum’s going back to work who want more flexible working hours and a new career
  • People who have always had an interest in the mind and human behaviour and want to learn more
  • People who have an  interest in helping others
  • Health care professionals such as midwives, social workers, occupational therapists and community psychiatric nurses
  • Business professionals who want to learn more about managing people and getting the best out of them. We have trained many coaches, Human Resource managers and sales personnel
  • People who want to start their own business and change career
  • Hypnotherapist that have already qualified but don’t feel they have the confidence and skills to practice

How much work is involved?

As a pre requisite to the Diploma course there is an Introductory weekend workshop that needs to be attended called ‘Learn Hypnosis To Help Yourself And Others’. For details of the next workshop click here.

The Diploma course is made up of ten weekends, if you miss one you will simply be required to write up notes on what was taught. (With a little help from your mentor of course!) there are modular assignments after every weekend to help embed your knowledge and skills. So on average we think that about four hours a week will ensure that you are ahead in your learning.

Hypnosis Course Dates for 2018:

17/18th February

17/18th March

14/15th April

19/20th May

16/17th June

14/15th July

September- December – TBC

Will I be able to get insurance?

Is the course recognized by any professional bodies? The course is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Committee and the Hypnotherapy Association

Hypnosis Training Testimonials


Learn skills to get ahead in your business career
Listen to how the skills learnt on the course helped Sara be a better HR manager.

And here is Karen, a project manager whose advanced people skills enabled her to treble her salary in 1 year

The past year has been totally life changing. Originally I signed up to do the Within-Sight course just to create a potential career path for me in a field that I am fascinated by and that I thought I would be good at, which it did, but it also did so much more than I ever could have asked for. Whilst learning in a safe, none judgmental relaxed and fun environment I was inadvertently given the tools and knowledge to be able to negotiate a happy and fulfilled life. Really learning about what it takes to be happy, and in turn learning how to teach that to others really is priceless. From my friendships to my relationships with my family and partner, everything has received a positive impact. I find myself talking to everyone about the things I have learnt on the course! So whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, this course is worth every penny.

From here I am looking at moving into the Drug and Drink rehabilitation sector where I hope to be accepted onto an apprenticeship course and continue my learning. Tessa London 2010


We are accredited by the only two independent awarding associations for hypnotherapy. That is the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) and the HA (Hypnotherapy Association). Students who graduate from Within Sight’s Diploma, are automatically accepted for membership and qualify for insurance cover.