Hypnosis workshop in Devon and Brighton: what delegates enjoy the most

Just confirmed our first hypnosis workshop in Devon. Our weekend ‘Learn Hypnosis to Help Yourself and Others’ has just run in Brighton university and two more people signed up for our 2011 Hypnotherapy diploma which starts in February. Having run hypnosis workshops for ten years I find the knowledge that delegates are blown away with and comment on the most are:-

  • An understanding that the hypnotic state is not something that people just experience on stage or in a therapy session but is a central part of human psychology. In fact if we did not go into the hypnotic state then we would go quite nuts!
  • The hypnotic state is akin to the REM state (rapid eye movement). It is the brain wave phase where we lay down new templates of behaviour – so it makes sense to use it when we want to change unwanted patterns.
  • You can learn a natural way of taking yourself or others into hypnosis, that helps you work hypnotically with anyone without having to rely on a script.
  • I have often had people say to me ‘I just can’t empty my mind so I just find it so hard to relax.’ Well I would too if I tried to make my mind blank! The students just love learning how to get a deep relaxation response even whilst their mind may be flitting about from the weekly shop to Christmas with the in laws.
  • You can learn a hypnotic technique that helps you access the helpful qualities or experiences you have had and regenerates the power behind that so you can use it again and again.
  • How an understanding of the hypnotic state can help demystify some weird human behaviour like addictions and psychosis
  • And how a knowledge of the basic human needs can be instrumental in highlighting what needs to change in order to feel on track and happy

Devon here we come! We will be in Exeter January 8th and 9th. Brighton hypnosis course January 15th and 16th. Learn ways to make those resolutions easy to keep – Great way to start the New Year.

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)