Hypnotherapy Training Diploma – Weekend 4

Hypnotherapy Diploma – first client sessions enjoyed by students

On Sunday morning there were a few apprehensive faces around as the first assessment of the hypnotherapy diploma 2011 began. The students worked on each other for an hour in an improvised client session, whilst being observed by a supervisor. Glad to report that that the students were all smiles as they left having really enjoyed the day. Many reporting how much they had learnt and how surprised they were at being able to recall so much of what they had been taught.

News of clear and confident recall is always reassuring to hear as we have developed a way of teaching that follows the current wisdom of how people learn best. Not just the standard ‘Tell, show, do’ but we bring in discussion and recall repetition to help cement the new knowledge. So for example the assessed sessions are followed up by the student writing a report, then the supervisor writes one too and these are then passed on to the students mentor for discussion in their next monthly call.

We are very clear that any therapist needs to be able to apply the skills they have learnt on their hypnotherapy training diploma to working with clients, so we do four assessed sessions, the next three are with members of the public that we bring in. It is a great opportunity to help our students flourish under the expert guidance of our top notch supervisors.

The next client session is on June 5th, the session is free and clients report back having really noticed the benefits of the session. So if you or any one would like to take advantage of these session, call us on 01273 738 663.

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)