I Meditated For 30 Days And Saw A Profound Shift In My Life – Create A Wave Of Change In Your Life Starting Today.

During a day of working with clients, I observed the familiar sight of my clients breathing becoming deeper. Tension dissolving, smiles and the minimal facial expressions conveying the changes happening in their brains.
Over the next few days I received three emails detailing the profound life changes that those clients had experienced from hypnosis. Old, unhelpful ways of viewing the world – GONE. They wrote of feeling increased vitality, motivation and ‘a sense of ease in daily life.’


By the third email a thought suddenly occurred to me ‘I could do with some of that!’ I was ok but having had a bug my energy was down and I was finding my focus and creativity not as sharp.
I used to do meditation mosts days but had stopped a few months ago. So, I made a promise to myself – I am going to invest some time in me and use my skills to be the best I can be!’ So I started doing 15 minutes meditation a day – sometimes listening to a guided visualisation and other times just doing my own structured meditation which naturally developed by about the 10th day.

After 48 days I feel amazing, my energy and motivation to start exercising again have rocketed. Going for a run early in the morning and yoga now come easy but the most miraculous part of this new practice is what I have manifested into my life. Can’t go into detail as it is private to me (for the moment) but it is nothing short of a miracle and is life changing.
So what else have I noticed? I have noticed how my intuition is so sharp, how creative ideas and solutions randomly occur and above all – an abiding sense of calm over some important decisions I have had to make.
Want some of this too? 
Are you prepared to make an investment?
An investment of 15 minutes time for you every day for 30 days. Sound easy? That’s what I thought! First few days were great then I found any excuse not to take that time – and you will too but I had made an absolute promise to myself and so couldn’t go back on my word, so I carried on and the more I did the more wonderful things unfolded.
My gift to you is to share the meditation I have created and use every day. Join our Facebook page to post your comments and see the daily posts I will make to encourage you.

Start today and live a bigger life. 


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