Overcome The Betwixmas Bah Humbug And Make The Most Of This Time!


The Christmas decorations are beginning to look a bit tragic instead of magic, you feel stuffed and in need of some healthy food but then there’s chocolates and cheese to finish up and you haven’t got changed out of PJ’s for a few days.

You can’t watch any more Star Wars, you’ll be sick if you are offered any more turkey and your energy levels are down.


Yes, the days in-between Christmas and New Year, can be weird after a mad, busy December and Christmas Day (if you have children that extends to when they go back to school in my view!).

However this can be a special time to take stock and prepare for New Year and the coming months.


So here are 5 tips myself and my clients have found helpful this time of year.

You will see that most of it involves taking sometime to do things for yourself.


1    Tune in to see if you need to move or rest

Sometimes you will need to peel your backside off your couch and get moving and doing. Other times, if you are properly exhausted – taking time to rest and renew is what’s needed. Either way find your grove and what suits you just now. Sometimes a walk in nature and connecting with the great outdoors brings everyone a fabulous dose of chemicals making you feel more alive and clear.


2    Dump guilt and stop comparing

Other people may be cracking on in the gym or full of  New Year resolutions but for you to create your best life – you have to do what’s right for YOU. Remember – there is a difference between procrastination and avoiding doing something and genuinely needing to take time out.


3    Think like a farmer does!

Now before you think I’m bonkers, let me explain! In order to get a good crop in 6 – 8 months time there has to be some thought put in to what the farmer wants to produce. Otherwise everything would be left to chance. This is the same for us, without some time to think you’re not orchestrating your life.

So during this no mans land time use the natural cycle of the winter season to germinate some ideas of what you want to do in 2020. Dump the idea of goals and think more on what sort of experiences you want. I’m going to be sending more on this next week!


4    Declutter!

To prepare for new things in your life, some of the old must go! So whether it’s just clearing out a draw or chucking that pile of old paperwork, get clearing! Decluttering can also mean clearing old habits and ways of thinking that stand in your way of your best self.

Give me a call to talk this through if you think you could do with some help with this.


5    Take time out to get out of your own way.

Any problem or old habit can only be overcome if you step out of the place where the problems were created.

  • Imagine life and you being the way YOU want to be – how does it feel?
  • Go into detail – create a vivid picture. If you want to know more about how we self sabotage and how you can stop that with self hypnosis – check out this series of videos
  • Be kind to yourself – remember your body hears everything you tell it, so learn to do some positive self talk.
  • Celebrate what you have achieved this year – learn from the not so great moments. If you do this those rough times become wisdom instead of regrets.
  • Ask yourself if you need to forgive anyone this year? And if this question has you wanting to call me and tell me about what someone else did to you. Remember that forgiveness is all about setting yourself free from the chemicals of anger that disrupt the balance of your body


I’ll be in your inbox next week with some ideas about how to ditch New Years Resolutions and yet still have a clear vision of where you’re going.

Wishing you huge gorgeous blessing for the New Year!


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