How to Become Your Authentic Self.

Step into your power – lead a conscious life

Learn key steps to take towards generating a life that is all of the above and more

Ok so if you think I have gone hook line and sinker into the world of self-development – just to let you know they are not my words! Just quoting what I read and hear many times in the media. Taken at face value these expressions have a great ring to them don’t they? But what do the words mean?

Well they mean different things to different people.  In the psychology business we call them nominalizations. Words or sentences that are non-specific but enable you to get a message across that will be personally meaningful. Using this sort of language you can inspire good feelings for each individual listening.

Some of the most powerful speeches recorded, cemented their magnificence because they inspired hope. The power in the great political speeches over the last few decades didn’t give detail of government reforms but those grand sweeping sentences created general feelings of positive change or national pride.

And that’s what the catch phrases in the title of this blog do. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to step into your personal power? Lead a conscious life or become your authentic self? You could try to do that right now but whoah – do you know what to do first? Not sure? So let me share some steps that will help you to identify what makes you feel hopeful or happy and how to make sure your life generates more of those good feelings.

Make sure you get to read our four blog posts over the next two weeks that show you How to Become Your Authentic Self:

1. Identify what makes you happy, sound crazy? Well lots of people know what they don’t want but often have little idea of what they want to head for. So we are going to take a look at the importance of knowing your core values
2. How to live a life that is consistent with your core values
3. How to develop confidence in your intuition when making decisions. Your intuition can be a life long aid to guide you towards creating a fulfilling and happy life
4. How to stay on the path of your true self – despite the sweeping changes we are seeing in our society. How not to be crushed by the culture of fear that grips and stifles so many of our commercial institutions. Stay creative and find the confidence to take risks to remain on track

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)