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Hypnosis Training Hypnosis Training: The 7 questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about doing a hypnosis course

Over the last fifteen years we have talked to hundreds of people who were thinking about doing a hypnosis training course, and so often heard the same story of being a little overwhelmed by all the information on the various hypnotherapy courses. So we have put a short and simple guide together which will cut through the maze of information and will help you make a decision that leads you to the course that suits you best.

Step one – Ask yourself the 7 following questions and record your answers – just a pen and paper is good – no need to go to a studio:)

1. What do I want the hypnosis training to achieve? – the answers generally fall into two categories:-

– Knowledge of hypnosis and psychotherapy for my own personal use or business use. Ask yourself – what does that look like in practice? When I finish the course what do I want to do that I can’t do now? Make your goals clear and measurable.

– Hypnotherapy training that equips me to practice as a professional hypnotherapist. Ask yourself – what does that look like in practice? When I finish the course what do I want to do that I can’t do now? Make your goals clear and measurable. If you are not sure what those goals are check out this list.

2. What time can I commit to my learning a new skill? Would a condensed course suit me best? That’s shutting out the rest of the world for a few weeks and concentrating on honing my skills in that time. Or would that learning be best spread across a longer period of time?
3. How would I learn these skills best? Some people learn best on their own, other people learn from a multi activity environment where learning is embedded through a variety of mediums.
4. Am I prepared to travel to get the right skills? You might be lucky and find the right course on your doorstep but if not what travelling would you do to get the course that will fulfil your requirements?
5. What experience do I want from doing a hypnosis course? This question comes off the back of so many people thinking that hypnosis and psychotherapy is an academic pursuit when in practice they are very practical skills. Its our experience that the best hypnotherapists are people that have had lots of experience in applying their skills. Knowledge from the classroom, feedback from observations and mentors, self reflection on sessions and work outside the classroom. All contribute to confidence, easy skill retrieval and being able to think creatively when face to face with your client.
6. Which awarding bodies/associations should I take note of? (see here for a comparison)
7. Cost and payment? How much can I afford? Would I find a lump sum payment tough right now? Do I need to seek out a course that has flexible payment plans?

Step Two

Check out the courses you are looking at and see if they tick your list of goals and requirements

Step Three

Take time out to let your intuition play a part in your decision. Choosing the right hypnosis course is an important decision and to get it right use your natural intuitive skills, for they are able to embrace and weigh up, bigger more complex patterns and information. Once you have all of the logical information, go for a walk in a favourite place or do something that you enjoy and gets you away from your everyday environment. Just let your attention wander around the various schools and the tutors you may have spoken to. Who and which school gives you a good feeling? Imagine being on that course – travelling to the school spending time with the tutors and going through the learning? Notice what reaction you get on that deeper intuitive level.

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