Use Hypnosis To Make Great Decisions

Have you ever thought about how many decisions you have to make in your life? Not one single day of your life will go by without requiring you to make a whole heap of decisions. From the time you get out of bed, to what you eat, who you talk to, how you react to situations and who you love. The decisions you make are pivotal to your experience of life. shutterstock_14678332

Some people seem to make decisions really easily whilst others fret and procrastinate at even the smallest decision, like what shoes shall I wear today?

Lets look at how you can use hypnosis to make the bigger decisions in life more easily, such as what career path shall I take? Or, should I stay with my partner? It’s these big choices that can make you bury your head in the sand and worry for days.

So what makes it so difficult to make an important decision. Lets take a fictitious person called John who has been offered a job and he is just not sure whether to take the offer or not. Lets look at what could be happening in his mind.

Decisions that impact others can be harder to make. Decisions that don’t have a huge impact on your own or another person’s life can be easier to make than one that affects yourself and/or others in a significant way. So John maybe struggling with making a decision about his new job offer as it affects his family too. Maybe taking the job would mean moving house and children moving school or be a perceived financial risk.

Fear of failure. John might be worried that if he takes the job and it doesn’t work out, his friends will see him as a failure. Have you ever decided against something because deep down you are concerned that it wouldn’t work out? A well-known characteristic of a successful person is they are not scared of failing and see new challenges or risks as a learning opportunity.

Fear of committing to the unknown. John might worry about not being able to control certain aspects of the job like other colleagues or his boss. He will spends hours using his imagination to go through all the negative scenarios that could possibly happen.

Lack of self-belief. John might want the job but is scared to take it because he thinks he isn’t good enough. Even though he may have gone through a rigorous interview process and the company obviously really want him on board. He will be fixated on worrying that he isn’t good enough.

There is a common thread in these scenarios that make it difficult to make a decision, and it is fear. Fear of upsetting or putting others at risk. Fear of failure and of the unknown. Fear of not being good enough or fear of not being able to learn or attract what you need to make your decision work. As fear blocks creative insight, intuition and logical processing, it’s no surprise that big decisions bring up fear. Finding or choosing the way right forward can be fraught with worry and procrastination. shutterstock_153653222

In order to make a great decision, both your intuition and logic need to be switched on. Your subconscious mind has intuitive knowledge beyond whatever your conscious mind could possess. Yet it may need the conscious mind to structure timing too.

Hypnosis will help you make great decisions because it bypasses the chatter of the conscious mind. When you go into a relaxed hypnotic state you can see the bigger picture and leave aside worries and fears. Whether you listen to a hypnotherapists voice, an MP3 file or use self-hypnosis you will access the part of your brain that sees the bigger picture and can make complex decisions seem simple.

So you might not need hypnosis to decide on the colour of your socks tomorrow but practice hypnosis because when you learn how to bypass any unhelpful beliefs you will have the best decision making skill around.


Written by Jill Wootton, August 2015.

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