What to do when the career you have worked so hard for doesn’t light your fire anymore

I’m guessing you went into the job or career that you did to make a difference?
You have worked hard to advance your career and enjoyed it but what you have done and how you have done it has changed over the years.
Suddenly you have spent everyday doing things that no longer have the same meaning. What used to give you a high vibe now feels like a chore and you’ve fallen out of love with what used to feel good and right.
The thought of doing the same for the rest of your working life might feel like a punishment and your head is swimming with ideas about how you could make money another way? My friend was in the same position as you a few years ago.
Let’s call her Anne – she went into law to help people – to make a difference by bringing justice and support to those who were in need. Over time it took her further away from dealing day to day with her clients, combined with the overwhelming admin, she found herself questioning what she was doing.
All her friends said – “just give it a few more years – you’ve worked so hard to get where you have. You can’t waste all that effort!” But she had a feeling that wouldn’t leave her. A feeling that said there is something more.
Same as a client I spoke to last week – she got to the top of her tree but was stressed and unhappy.
They both wanted to make the break and create something new where they:
  • had control over their working hours
  • helped others thrive
  • made a difference to others
  • earnt a salary that supported their family
If you resonate with these guys – it could be that you have just outgrown what you do and that is a tough place to be when you have ‘worked so hard to get there.’
Having worked with many clients over the years who have made total career changes I can only say one thing.
“The other side of where you are now is a place where you feel fulfilled and happy. You wake up in the morning with zest and ‘hey it’s a brand new day feeling.’ Work doesn’t feel like work,  you love it and get such a buzz out of it. And….
…you make an impact on this world and the people you work with!”
Is that transition easy – hell no!
Any change where you are asked to go into the unknown and out of your comfort zone will create an inner battle.
  • Self doubt – can I really do this?
  • Can I really be that person?
  • How do I change?
  • What else can I do?
But one thing I know for sure is that little voice that calls for a different sort of life is a deep inner one. It won’t shut up until you listen!
Carrying on will cause a lack of alignment with what your true self is trying to make you aware of. Creating stress, a feeling of existing and not really living.
I hear you!
I was there myself about 25 years ago. A great job but a constant gnawing feeling inside there was something else – I ignored it for ages until it became overwhelming. Then overtime and step by step my path became clear.
I now own my own training company –  teaching, coaching hypnotherapy and psychotherapy skills. I see clients and love love love what I do.
I have a huge impact on peoples lives and everyday I am thankful for the courage and faith that younger me had when I hadn’t got a flipping clue what was happening.
My tips for you if you are in that place are:
  • Don’t try to figure it out in your head – staying up most of the night with a whirring brain won’t take you forward. Trust you’ll get to a different place in time. It won’t happen overnight.
  • Take time to think about what you love – what lights your fire. Maybe start a journal and write about:
    • what sort of things did you enjoy doing as a child?
    • what parts of your job do you enjoy or what attracted you to it?
  • What can you do to follow any of these passions? Sign up to a course? Do some part time training? Act don’t analyse!
  • Is there something that calls you and you think I wish I could do ………….?
  • If you talk to friends – don’t accept their words as true – remember they are opinions. If I had listened to one of my friends at the time I would still be in the old day job!
  • Career coaches can be great but in my experience it’s about taking small action steps and being with new people. This all helps to rewire the mind and open up that channel of creativity.
  • Finally try to practice some sort of meditation or self hypnosis. Why?  Relaxation and meditation quietens the logical brain and allows your creativity, intuition and insight to have a say!
“To know and not to do is not yet to know.” – Buddhist proverb.
Back to my friend – well she is now running a very successful on line company where she works with mindset and marketing. And is uber happy!
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