What will 2012 be like for you?

Will you create the life you want or will 2012 just fly by again?

Firstly Happy New Year to you and how is 2012 looking like for you? Far from the world ending at the end of 2012 as some predict. I think that the world wide unprecedented changes we have experienced only herald an opportunity for each of us to create the life that makes us happy. Easy for me to say eh but there is a personal reason for doing so.

My lovely Mum Betty died unexpectedly in November and just a few days before when she was given her prognosis she simply smiled, looked at the doctor and said ‘oh that’s ok, don’t worry. I have such a good life and been so happy.’ Then smiling at my Dad she added ‘and I have been so very lucky.’ Awesome eh? Betty was told she was going to die in a very short while and her response was gratitude for her blessings. Not for a second did she show any bitterness, sadness or fear.

I guess what I am trying to pass on is this – if life is not as you would like it, take action now so you don’t have any regrets later in life.

Sometimes it might be hard to change the actual situation you are in but you can shift your perspective. Where you place your attention and what you think is always a choice, even if most of us might need a little help to do it.

So I wish you all strength and resilience in these challenging times. Oh and a bucket of courage to make the most of life and step up to be the best you can be.

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)