Is Fear of Success stopping you being the best version of you?

Learn how to crush the barriers to the success and happiness you deserve.

Fear of not getting something right or making a numpty of yourself is one of the biggest fears I encounter on a day-to-day basis with clients. However, its evil twin, fear of success, is rarely talked about but is as limiting.

Fear of failure is obvious but fear of success is something people rarely think about. That’s because often the feelings associated with fear of success are less pronounced and sometimes even comforting! Let me explain – when you are frightened of failing, you tend to get anxious. So, having to give a presentation or ask a person on a date can bring variety of really obvious symptoms like a nervous tummy, sweaty palms or a lack of focus. And it is hard not to be very aware of the discomfort the symptoms bring.


Fear of success can bring good feelings initially: Hard to believe but yes,that’s right. Fear of future success can make a person unconsciously back away from taking steps that will make success happen. This is down to associating the path to success or, what will happen when they get there, with a negative feeling. So an example would be of someone associating having lots of money with being isolated from their friends. Another would be, someone getting a promotion at work and thinking that would make their colleagues not trust them. So they wouldn’t be ‘one of the gang’ any more.

The great Tony Robins once said ‘if you don’t have what you want it is because you associate more pain than pleasure with having it than not.’

So how do you check out if fear of success is limiting you? Think about what you would like to achieve and really build a strong image of that through your senses. Then:-

  1. notice what feelings arise and if there is a hint of negative emotion, go to the next step, if it feels great go to 3
  2. use hypnosis or EFT to disperse it. Or just imagine what it would be like to be in that future you dream of feeling as you do when you are really happy
  3. rehearse those goals with having dealt with the old concern. For instance if success was unconsciously patterned with feeling isolated – mentally rehearse it with great friendships and close relationships woven through your new life.


Your mind is your most powerful resource but it needs managing so that any unhelpful patterns don’t hold you back form being the best version of you.


I look forward to you getting the best out of you, because I believe that is what you are here to do!

Love and respect to you


karen reynolds (20 Posts)