Law of Attraction

Is your future being created from what you want? Or, what you don’t want?

Last week I sat with my client Marsha. I asked her what her life would be like when the issues around her anxiety had resolved. She came back with a reply that I
images-2 hear often from clients. “Well, I wouldn’t feel those, I am not good enough feelings at work and I wouldn’t feel so down at the end of the day.’

Thinking of what we don’t want still focuses on the negative: On the surface Marsha’s reply was fine but can you see it was phrased in the negative? She saw her future not with all the good experiences that will take the place of the old anxiety. Just her future without the anxiety

Law of attraction brings what we focus on: By imagining what you don’t want you are still creating lots of energy around the things that are not wanted. And you are missing out on a huge opportunity to create energy around what you do want. So I encouraged Marsha to look at the future without the problem in a different way to what she was doing.

‘Think about what your future will be like, not what it won’t be’: Once I had asked Marsha that question she went quiet, her eyes were looking all around and she had a far away look. This happens when someone creates new thought patterns. They delve into their imagination to crate a picture of what their future will be like.

It takes time to create a picture of life in the future without a problem: Marsha’s brain worked hard to construct images of a future when she felt at ease with her colleagues and on a level with them. New neural connections were being made as her brain wired and fired those new thoughts together. I asked her what it would feel like to feel like an equal? Would she look any different and what would her colleagues notice about the new Marsha? All of these questions help to pull together a meaningful picture of her future.

Top tip for bringing in what you do want into your life!

Thinking about what you do want mobilises powerful elements of consciousness to bring your thoughts into reality: After working with thousands of clients I often see that as people overcome their problems they can’t imagine life without the old negative behaviour. So I recommend that you start to think not about the absence of something but the wonderful new feelings and experiences that will be there when the problem pattern has gone. Imagine that
a lot!Unknown-3

Jill Wootton (47 Posts)