Thinking of becoming a hypnotherapist? The 4 stages of questions to ask before you take the step

Becoming a councillor, hypnotherapist or coach can be a dream for many people.

  • A  job where every working day you get to make a positive difference.
  • Every day filled with meaning and even though you accompany people going through really tough times – you know that your work is helping to transform lives.
  • Enormous job satisfaction self-employed.
  • Being your own boss has many advantages. Flexible working hours, no one to make you redundant and the independence of developing your business to suit your skills and preferences.


My name is Jill and I run a training school where we teach people the skills to become professional hypnotherapists. They learn what is needed to help clients experience a transformation to a full and happy life, free of the anxiety or issues that constrained their past.

We get almost a 100% retention rate on our course. That’s because when the students were at the stage you are at now I asked the questions below. So, they became clear we if were the right fit or not for them. The only time people drop out is because of illness or a sudden change in personal circumstances.

After having many conversations with prospective students I often asked them the same questions. So I share the same questions in the hope that they activate reflections that will help you clarify the best path for you.

There are 4 stages of questions and research to help you make sure you make the best decisions for the most important person YOU!  

Stage 1: Foundation questions

I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. However, when I talk to a someone looking to move into this career, it’s my job to make sure that their dream is really what they want. Sound weird? Yes, I know but I have seen people work really hard to achieve something they long for. A promotion, a bigger home or new relationship. Only to have the dawning realization that they have put their ladder up the wrong wall and the daily reality of the life they longed for didn’t bring the expected happiness.

So these questions make you reflect on the end result and invite you to explore if it’s right for you.


Stage 2: Design

Questions to choose the best pathway for your training. One to suit your resources, and enable you to set up as a confident safe effective hypnotherapist.


Stage 3: Build out

These questions are to examine and prepare for the journey of building and consolidating your new skills.


Stage 4: Moving in to the day job!

The daily life of a hypnotherapist. And what you can do to stay on top of your game both for your clients and personally.



If you like the idea getting some help to make the best decision, sign up here and I will give you immediate access to a FREE pdf of the 4 steps and 3 FREE videos of

Have access to:

  • a pdf on the full list of questions and research in each of the first 3 sections
  • a video of Jill’s take on course content and the main teachings to prep you for safe confident practice that brings transformational life changing results

And a video on the mindset that the best hypnotherapists have:

  • does it matter if you’re not sure if you can do the job because of a lack of confidence?
  • if you need to sort out any baggage before you do a course
  • and the 5 top skills for any great hypnotherapist



I wish you well on this journey – it changed my life and after 19 years I haven’t ever looked back from this rich and rewarding business life.



I love talking to people who are interested in ringing the changes in their life – make a call to book in time to chat through where you are at and where you want to get to. 01273 738663 or email me on

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